Spurring Growth While Mitigating Risks
Plenary Session
Pavilion 8A, Congress Hall

Address by the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin and invited heads of state and government

Geoff Cutmore , Anchor, CNBC

Khaldoon Khalifa Al Mubarak , Chief Executive Officer, Mubadala Development Company
Jon Fredrik Baksaas , Chairman, GSMA
Patrick Kron , Chairman, Chief Executive Officer, Alstom
Shiv Vikram Khemka , Vice Chairman, SUN Group


Key moments

“China and Russia’s economic partnership is an important force that is driving stable and consistent growth in the global economy”.
Li Yuanchao
“We value the pragmatic and mature positions of European business leaders. Europe has been our long-standing and most important trade partner and we truly want to see this continue”.
Vladimir Putin
“Russia needs a real technological revolution and serious technological renewal. Our enterprises need to go through the most extensive technological upgrading of the past 50 years”.
Vladimir Putin
“Today we are united by the common aspiration of building a dynamic, flourishing and prosperous country that is respected globally and is open for a constructive dialogue on equal terms”.
Vladimir Putin
“There are many common points of interest for the United States and Russia. We are hopeful that common sense and recognition of national interests will encourage our partners in Europe and the US to continue cooperation with Russia”.
Vladimir Putin
“It is very clear to us that such an economic partnership (with China) is a powerful stimulus in the development of both countries and, considering the scale of the Chinese and Russian economies, a major factor in global growth”.
Vladimir Putin