Realizing Russia's Competitive Edge
Business Roundtable
Pavilion 8, Conference Hall 8.2 Innovation Hall

As a rapidly developing part of the global economy, the CIS can play an instrumental role in the future construction of a multipolar world. How can the commonwealth best capitalize on the advantages of integration and economic cooperation in the face of global competition? What needs to be done to take full advantage of the existing potential to broaden and deepen bilateral and multilateral economic interaction between the CIS countries, while consistently working towards integration?

Ruslan Grinberg , Director, FSBIS «Institute of Economics of the Russian Academy of Sciences»

Raimbek Batalov , Chairman of the Board of Directors, Raimbek Group
Tamara Guzenkova , Deputy Director, Russian Institute for Strategic Studies
Timothy J. Colton , Chair, Department of Government, Harvard University
Andrey Kostin , President, Chairman of the Management Board, Member of the Supervisory Council, Member of the Strategy and Corporate Governance Committee, VTB Bank
Sergei Lebedev , Executive Committee Chairman, Executive Secretary of the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS)
Dzhoomart Otorbaev , Prime Minister, Government of the Kyrgyz Republic
Vladimir Semashko , First Deputy Prime Minister, Council of Ministers of the Republic of Belarus
Igor Finogenov , Chairman of the Management Board, Eurasian Development Bank
Frank Schauff , Chief Executive Officer, Association of European Businesses
Igor Shuvalov , First Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation


Key moments

“It is very hard to disentangle economics from politics and cultures. And this is nothing unique to the Eurasian Union project; this is the case with many of the economic integration efforts that we’ve seen in the world since 1975”.
Timothy J. Colton
“It’s entirely possible to make settlements with our main trading and economic partners in their national currency; there are no insurmountable barriers to this”.
Andrey Kostin
“The CIS played a major role in forming the economies of its member states”.
Dzhoomart Otorbaev
“Our main goal is to build a Eurasian Economic Union that has a common economic space with the EEC and is more closely woven into the fabric of the Asia-Pacific Region”.
Igor Shuvalov