Realizing Russia's Competitive Edge
Panel Session
Pavilion 8, Conference Hall 8.2 Innovation Hall

Russia began reform of its electric power industry about a decade ago, with the international investor community now in a position to judge a track record of results and if now is the time to participate in further development. How successful has the reform agenda been to date and what key issues need further attention? Are their enough competitive incentives in the market place and how does Russia's reform process compare with other international market trends? What are the key opportunities and challenges for the investor community when looking at the sector today?

Vladimir Knyaginin , Vice President, Strategic Research Center Foundation

Boris Vaynzikher , General Director, PJSC T Plus
Enrico Viale , General Director, Enel OGK-5
Tapio Kuula , President and Chief Executive Officer, Fortum Corporation
Alexander Novak , Minister of Energy of the Russian Federation
Stephan Solzhenitsyn , Senior Partner, McKinsey & Company
Anatoliy Chubais , Chairman of the Executive Board, RUSNANO Corporation
Remes Seppo Yuha , Chairman of the Board of Directors, EOS Russia

Vasily Zubakin , Head, Department of Coordination of the Operation and Energy Supply, Lukoil
Nataliya Nevmerzhitskaya , Chairman of the Board, Non-commercial Partnership of Guarantee Suppliers and Energy Supply Companies
Sergei Suverov , Head of the Analytical Department, ‘Russian Standard’ Management Company


Key moments

“We support a further transition to a more competition-based approach, including creating the necessary conditions for raising investment, and we believe that reform should continue”.
Alexander Novak
“The European Union’s Third Energy Package duplicates almost exactly the fundamental transformation that Russia has already fully carried out. Europe is following in the footsteps of Russia”.
Anatoly Chubais