Navigating Revolutions in Technology
Panel Session
Congress Centre, Conference Hall D1

Uber has become the most recognized brand from a range of new “sharing economy” companies which includes Airbnb, TaskRabbit, and HealthTap, showcasing the emergence of the “on-demand economy”, where service providers become platforms that leverage technical innovations to deliver goods and services to customers. While the platforms and customers benefit from increased flexibility and more efficient delivery of products and services, there are voices which claim that these innovations will lead to social disruption, a lack of job security, and loss of control by the state. What other innovations in the “sharing economy” could arrive on the market in the near future? How will these new platforms change the way we live, work, and socialize? What might the tradeoffs in social and economic benefits be, and what are the potential risks and disruptions?

Arkady Dvorkovich , Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation

Sergey Azatyan , Co-founder, Managing Partner, Inventure Partners
Ziyavudin Magomedov , Chairman of the Board of Directors, Summa Group
Shervin Pishevar , Co-Founder, Managing Director, Sherpa Capital; Executive Chairman, Co-Founder, Hyperloop One
Fraser Robinson , Head of Business Development, EMEA, Uber Technologies Inc.
Gustavo Sapoznik , Chief Executive Officer, ASAPP Inc.
Mikhail Sokolov , Сhief Executive Officer, OneTwoTrip


Key moments

A way to approach the world of opportunity and scale quickly is not to be blind to local variances, integrate closely and work constantly to become more and more local.
Fraser Robinson
The government should provide a good education system, ensure a comfortable living environment, support innovative startups with grants or tax benefits and stimulate demand for new innovative products.
Arkady Dvorkovich
The regulatory framework needs to speed up and support new technologies because they create millions of jobs, clean cities and represent a huge advantage to the economies where they operate.
Shervin Pishevar
Our goal is to make mobility for individuals much easier, safer, more affordable and reliable.
Fraser Robinson
The government plays a vital role in ensuring healthy competition so that all technological aggregator companies would have equal conditions.
Sergey Azatyan
Some human experience cannot be automated – you cannot hug a hologram; people are still going to want human connections. 
Shervin Pishevar