A Recent History of Blockchain and the Impact on Government and Business

26 May , 10:00–11:15
Technology for Leadership
Panel Session
Congress Centre, Conference Hall B1

Blockchain development has caused a sensation both in Russia and the world. It has so far been no more than a pilot technology, but its implementation in business processes and public administration could potentially radically change how these processes work and increase their efficiency. The current absence of established practices and lack of comprehensive understanding, which areas could really benefit from the use of blockchain are slowing down this process. How can we best differentiate where application of blockchain technology is simply paying deference to a fad, and where it is a vital necessity? What measures can the state use to streamline the use of the technology? Where and how are successful projects being implemented in business and public administration, and how can they be scaled?

Max Hauser, Partner, Managing Director, The Boston Consulting Group

Alexander Borodich, Founder, Universa Blockchain Platform
Sergey Zhigarev, Chairman, State Duma Committee on Economic Policy, Industry, Innovative Development, and Entrepreneurship
Demetrios Zamboglou, Chief Business Development Officer, Lykke Corp.
Robert Contri, Financial Services Industry Leader, Deloitte Global; Member of the Board of Directors, Deloitte US
Vladislav Martynov, Member of the Supervisory Board, Ethereum Foundation
Shannon Poulin, Vice President, Director for Implementing New Technologies in Global Markets, Intel Corporation
Olga Skorobogatova, First Deputy Governor, Bank of Russia

Front row participants
Alexander Polyakov, Director, Research and Design Institute of Urban Transport of Moscow (MosgortransNIIproject SUE)
Yury Pripachkin, President, Russian Association of Cryptocurrency and Blockchain (RACIB)