Tsarskoye Selo 1917: On the eve ...

27 May , 10:00–17:00
Museums, locations around St. Petersburg, exhibitions

This exhibition describes the life of the Tsarskoye Selo residence from February to October 1917, the period between the two revolutions. This was a time when one era (the monarchy) was drawing to a close and a new era, full of revolutionary upheavals, was dawning. At that time, the residence at Tsarskoye Selo still existed but it had already lost its imperial status. The last Russian emperor and his family were still living in the Alexander Palace, but he was now citizen Romanov, held under house arrest by the Provisional Government. Starting in spring 1917, an Artistic and Historical Commission was set up at the Imperial Palace of Tsarskoye Selo to inventory the newly nationalized property and create a museum in the former residence.

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