The Knowledge Economy and a New Paradigm for Developing Human Capital

26 May , 13:30–14:45
International Youth Economic Forum
Pavilion G, Conference Hall G1

The knowledge economy, or the neo-industrial economy, is based on a new type of resource – knowledge. Knowledge is becoming the main competitive advantage, the ‘oil and gas’ of the new era, where the ability to rapidly create, share, and spread knowledge has become a separate field of management and professional activity. In order to gain a competitive position in Russia’s knowledge economy, one has to not only devote oneself to the relevant professional activity, but also to cultivate new meta-competencies: a set of fundamental competencies that a modern expert should possess. These include self-motivation and the ability to learn in any situation, work in different social groups with varying degrees of connectedness, apply best practices in different contexts, and many other skills. These requirements of the new economy pose a serious challenge to the education system, in-house staff training, and the building of career paths. What types of specialists are needed for technological leadership in the knowledge economy? What are the professional competencies that all participants of the new economy have to develop? What educational and career trajectories need to be designed to build a new class of professionals who will be effective and successful in the knowledge economy?

Tinatin Kandelaki, General Producer, Match TV

Olga Golyshenkova, President, International Association for Corporate Education
Nelson Zhao, Co-Chairman, Stanford US–Russia Forum, Leland Stanford Junior University
Boris Slavin, Academic Advisor, Department of Applied Mathematics and Information Technologies, Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation; Member of the Board, Russian Union of CIO (SoDIT)
Robert Urazov, General Director, Agency for the Development of Professional Communities and Skilled Workers (WorldSkills Russia)
Evgeny Charkin, IT Director, Russian Railways
Maxim Shereykin, Director General, Agency of Technological Development

Front row participants
Mikhail Kislyak, Chairman, Foundation for Assistance for Information Society Development
Alexander Ryzhov, Executive Director, Skyeer
Constantine Firun, Chief Executive Officer, Voisi OU
Mikhail Khurgin, Founder, Executive Director, ITigris