The Power of Youth and the Next Generation of Global Business

06 Jun , 09:00–10:15
The Global Economy in Search of a Balance
Pavilion G, conference hall G3

Today, young entrepreneurs are increasingly realizing their potential and talent, launching start-ups and, in just a few years, becoming full-fledged players in the market. Success stories of young entrepreneurs always attract public attention, and the growth of a strong entrepreneurial workforce can be observed in various areas: finance and investment, management, sports and cybersports, science and technology, art, music and film, social practices, fashion and design, new media, etc. What motivates successful business people under 30 to pursue their goals? What paths have they typically taken? How do hobbies and previous experience influence the building of a professional career? Which countries are easiest for doing business and registering know-how? What kind of team is needed to help a young business person succeed?

Nikolay Uskov, Editorial Director, Forbes

Konstantin Vinogradov, Senior Associate, Runa Capital
Maria Drokova, Founder, General Partner, Day One Ventures
Oleg Kivokurtsev, Founder and Development Director, Promobot
Georgy Solovyov, General Director, Co-Founder, Skyeng
Eric Khrom, Founder, Khrom Capital Management
Shiran Yaroslavsky, Co-Founder, Chief Executive Officer, Cassiopeia