Smart Regulation of the Consumer Market

07 Jun , 17:00–18:15
The Global Economy in Search of a Balance
Pavilion G, conference hall G6

Many governments are seeking the most effective measures to address social and economic challenges and minimize the negative impact of human activity has on the environment and health. The effectiveness of the measures often depends on their combination and balance. These include product regulation, licensing, prevention, taxation, preferences as well as non-restrictive and non-prohibitive measures. Solutions should be effective at reducing consumer risks and environmental impact and, at the same time, they should stimulate the development of manufacturing and production without killing off certain traditional industries but, rather, creating competitive economic and regulatory conditions and incentives for the radical improvement and enhancement of production technologies and product quality. Can a systemic approach to regulation become a source of economic growth? How should the differentiated risk-based approach model be applied as a basis for smart regulation? What are the methods for assessing non-economic risks and benefits from switching to risk-based regulation? Which approach is more effective in the context of achieving national development goals: restrictive or risk-oriented? Will smart regulation stimulate the creation of new markets?

Gordon Fairclough, World Coverage Chief, Foreign Editor, The Wall Street Journal

Cees ’t Hart, President, Chief Executive Officer, Carlsberg
Raisa Demina, Chairman of the Board of Directors, TM Velcom Group
Marc Carena, Director General, McDonald’s in Russia
Ilya Lomakin-Rumyantsev, Chairman of the Board of Directors, VLM-Invest
Olga Naumova, General Director, Chairman of the Management Board, Magnit
Andrey Pavlov, Founder, President, ZENDEN Group
Francesco Pansardi, Vice President, Tedeschi Group
Larisa Popovich, Director, Institute for Health Economics, National Research University Higher School of Economics
Maxim Protasov, Head, Russian Quality System (Roskachestvo)
Ashok Ram Mohan, President for Affiliates in Russia and Belarus, Philip Morris International (PMI)
Martial Rolland, Chief Executive Officer in Russia and Eurasia, Nestlé S.A.

Front row participants
Dmitry Volkov, Deputy Minister of Construction, Housing and Utilities of the Russian Federation
Leonid Ogul, Deputy Chairman of the Committee on Health Protection, State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation