Digital Transport and Logistics: Russia’s Leading Position in the Transport Integration of Europe and Asia

06 Jun , 15:00–16:15
The Russian Economy: Achieving National Development Goals
Pavilion F, conference hall F1
In partnership with KPMG

Are driverless vehicles already becoming a reality in Russia and is the current digital infrastructure capable of handling fully autonomous transport? Development of a digital platform for the transport and logistics sector in Russia and establishment of the related digital environment are the basis for implementing the above objectives and are at the core of digitalization in the sector. These developments will support offering unique digital services to transport users and applying advanced technology and software developed in Russia. They will facilitate the integration of previously separate IT systems operated by individual transportation companies and facilitate the transition of multimodal logistics to an entirely new level. A number of pilot projects to integrate Russia into the global transport and logistics system have already been launched to achieve these ambitious goals. These pilots are spearheaded by the leaders of Russia’s transport industry united in the Digital Transport and Logistics Association. The joint efforts of the government and business community can lead to a breakthrough in digitalizing transport, strengthening the position of Russia as a leading nation in logistics, and creating a crucial transit corridor linking Asia and Europe. At what stage of completion is Russia’s digital platform for the transport industry? How far along is Russia in creating a digital transport and logistics environment? Has the digital infrastructure for driverless vehicles been set up in Russia? How can Russian solutions for driverless vehicles be integrated with the leading European solutions? What are the results of the Digital Transport and Logistics Association’s pilot projects? What other projects are in the pipeline, and which new members have joined?

Viktor Parakhin, Deputy General Director, ZaschitaInfoTrans of the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation

Pavel Voronin, Deputy General Director for Information Technology, Siberia Airlines
Nikita Danilov, Deputy Chief Executive Officer, State ATM Corporation
Anton Zamkov, General Director, RT-Invest Transport Systems
Roman Kravtsov, General Director, TransTeleCom
Aleksey Nashchekin, Chief Executive Officer, National Telematic Systems
Vyacheslav Petushenko, Chairman of the Board, Russian Highways State Company
Alexey Semenov, Deputy Minister of Transport of the Russian Federation
Aleksey Skatin, Deputy General Director, The Federal State Unitary Enterprise Russian Post
Richard Threlfall, Partner, Global Head of Infrastructure, KPMG
Evgeny Charkin, Information Technology Director, Russian Railways
Sergey Shishkarev, President, Delo Group of Companies
Daniil Shuleyko, General Director, Yandex.Taxi
Sergei Yavorski, General Director, Volvo Vostok

Front row participants
Alexandrs Isurins, Chairman of the Executive Board, President, Far Eastern Shipping Company (FESCO)
Igor Kashirin, General Director, Global Automation Systems
Sergey Likharev, Vice President for Logistics, NLMK
Vladislav Onishchenko, Head, Analytical Center for the Government of the Russian Federation