The Venture and Stock Market in 2019–2020: Can Unicorns Survive IPOs and Continue to Growth?

07 Jun , 12:00–13:15
The Global Economy in Search of a Balance
Congress Centre, Sberbank Hall

The coming year promises to be an eventful one, with IPOs being undertaken by major American and Chinese start-ups. More than 20 unicorns are planning to take this step in the near future, including Airbnb, WeWork, DiDi, and Uber. Lyft, Pinterest, Zoom have already launched their IPOs. However, expectations and often be misguided: as some companies grow in value, share prices in others fall. What factors are behind fluctuating share prices, and how is the situation likely to unfold in the future? How justified are market evaluations of companies? In which segments can we expect to see most activity from investors?

Lev Khasis, First Deputy Chairman of the Executive Board, Sberbank

Inaki Berenger, Chief Executive Officer, CoverWallet
Boris Dobrodeev, General Director, Mail.Ru Group
Elena Ivashentseva, Senior Partner, Baring Vostok Capital Partners
Alexey Katkov, Managing Partner, JSFC Sistema
Nick Kostov, Managing partner, Ribbit Capital
Tomoyuki Nii, Chief Executive Officer, SBI Holding
Chieh Huang, Chief Executive Officer,

Front row participants
Alexey Basov, Deputy General Director – Investment Director, RVC
Gleb Davidyuk, Managing Partner, iTech Capital
Anurag Chandra, Partner, Fort Ross Ventures
Roman Shpakov, Chief Executive Officer, JCS Finance Group QBF