Exhibition: Artificial Intelligence and Intercultural Dialogue

06 Jun , 10:30–17:00
Museums, exhibitions

The Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF), the Russian Federation’s sovereign wealth fund, and the State Hermitage Museum present an exhibition of works by modern artists from around the world, dedicated to the creative capabilities of artificial intelligence (AI).
AI-based contemporary art has received global recognition following the sale of a painting created by the French art group Obvious, at Christie’s Auction House on 25 October 2018. Obvious’ artists used a generative adversarial network (GAN) to mimic the creative process of human intelligence.
The exhibition also features the work of Saudi Arabian artist Lulwa Al-Homoud, who has used AI to develop a new abstract graphical language based on the Arabic alphabet; Italian artist Davide Quayola, who presents an AI ‘perception’ of classic impressionist paintings; and Turkish artist Refik Anadol, whose work Machine hallucinations was created by analysing 100,000 photographs of architecture.
The exhibition will feature the work of 14 artists and art collectives from ten countries.

A ticket is required to attend the exhibition and can be purchased at one of the museum’s ticket offices.