Tour: A 21st Century Library in the Historical Synod Building

06 Jun , 16:00–18:00
Museums, exhibitions

The Boris Yeltsin Presidential Library is the largest information, cultural, and educational centre in Russia. The tour will guide guests through the historical interiors of the Synod building and the contemporary halls of the Presidential Library, which were created for holding social and state events. The latter include a conference hall and a transforming multimedia hall, which features the latest 3D-enabled technologies, Part of the excursion is a presentation of the library’s electronic collection, which is stored in the Electronic Reading Room and on the Library's Internet portal. The collection includes materials on Russian history, the theory and practice of Russian statehood, the Russian language, literature, geography, and law. Guests will learn about the temporary and permanent exhibitions located within Constitution Hall, which is also home to the singular inaugural copy of the Constitution of the Russian Federation.
Tours are held twice a day, starting at 16:00 and 17:00.
Tour groups gather in the main foyer of the Presidential Library before meeting their guides.

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