‘Nicholas I’ Exhibition

08 Jun , 10:00–17:30
Museums, exhibitions

The exhibition from the The Saga of the Romanovs cycle explores the personality of Nicholas I alongside his foreign policy, ideology, influence over national culture and society as a whole, and life in the imperial court and the royal family, as reflected in paintings, drawings, coins and decorative and applied arts. The exposition includes numerous ceremonial portraits of Emperor Nicholas I, his associates and members of the royal family, created by artists and sculptors of the calibre of George Dow, Franz Krüger, Orest Kiprensky, Fyodor Tolstoy, and others. The paintings and drawings, ceremonial monumental vases and dinnerware, furniture, bronzeware, rare coins, and the many other furnishings that make up the exhibition give a sense of the artistic life of a prosperous country, and of the sophisticated interiors of the royal residences and the life of the highest court.

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