#SOCIALHUB: How Can Projects by Non-Profit Organizations Be Beneficial to Business?

06 Jun , 17:15–18:45
Pavilion G, Innosocium LAB

A transformation is under way in how businesses and non-profit organizations interact.
Non-profits no longer simply request support for their initiatives. They offer partnerships, in which they make a substantial contribution to sustainable regional development and help businesses work together effectively with local communities.
This session will feature team leaders from winning entrants in the presidential grant competition for non-profits. They will share the outcomes of their projects, and offer their ideas for scaling up the practice of working for good causes.
With a range of social and cultural project leaders in attendance, visitors will have the opportunity to find new partners, offer experience or resources to support the most outstanding initiatives, or expand their corporate social responsibility programmes.
Partnerships of this kind can result in increased trust for the company’s brand, and a better social climate in the region where the company is based.

Dmitry Schugorev, Anchor, Russia 24 TV Channel