Legendary Icebreaker Krasin welcomes visitors

08 Jun , 11:00–22:00
Museums, exhibitions

This tour offers you an exciting story of Russia’s icebreaking fleet and Arctic exploration, a visit to the captain’s cabin, the chartroom and the pilot room of the legendary icebreaker Krasin. Keel laying took place in 1916 in England; the order was placed by the Government of the Russian Empire. On 31 March 1917, St. Andrew’s flag was flown on board of the vessel, and the icebreaker was commissioned the same year. In 1928, the ship’s crew received the Soviet Union’s top award for saving Umberto Nobile’s expedition that crashed on the airship Italia near Spitsbergen. Krasin took two circumnavigational voyages. During World War II, the ship participated in many polar convoys, and then for many years Krasin served the Northern Sea Route. Later the icebreaker got the status of a research vessel. The first Arctic oil and gas exploration expedition (1974–1976) took place in the Russian Arctic shelves and used Krasin as the floating power station for the marine geological field party. Krasin has been a branch of the Museum of the World Ocean in St. Petersburg for the last 15 years.
Operating hours:
11:00–18:00 – tours start every hour, subject to turn-out. The last tour starts at 17:00.
18:00–22:00 – leisure time on ship deck.

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