Energy for Success

08 Jun , 10:00–10:45
International Youth Economic Forum
Youth Lecture Hall
Pavilion G, conference hall G5

How can you fully unlock your potential? How can sport help change your worldview and outlook on business processes? How should mind, body, and professional skills be attuned to achieve ambitious goals? Some forms of business require a certain combativeness, while others require steadfastness. In other areas, speed may be more important, or indeed, survivability. Sport can help people develop and demonstrate these qualities, and prepare them to face potential challenges in the future. A sporting competition is a community of people, and today you can find your next employee, or partner, on the race track. Sports not only help cultivate life skills, they can also provide an indication of the aptitude of current and future colleagues. Sport brings people together, and is fast becoming a new networking tool in business.

Oleg Teplov, Chief Executive Officer, VEB Innovation