False Claims in the World of Technologies

08 Jun , 15:30–16:45
International Youth Economic Forum
Pavilion G, conference hall G4

Modern technologies make it possible to communicate with the customer more efficiently and faster, and digital promotion is becoming a strategic tool for most businesses. How can digital marketing be used in the banking sector? What are the most promising channels and tools? How can the target audience be engaged and retained?

Ruslan Karmanov, Information Technology Specialist; Head, Advanced Training Educational Center

Nikolay Dolgov, Director for Development of Professionals 4.0 Platform, Gazprom
Boris Lapidus, Professor, Chairman, Scientific and Technical Council, Russian Railways; Chairman, International Railway Research Board (IRRB)
Larisa Lapidus, Professor, Ph.D. in Economics; Director, Social and Economic Innovations Center (SEIC), Faculty of Economics, Lomonosov Moscow State University
Sergey Salkutsan, Acting Director, Deputy Director for Innovations and Entrepreneurship, Institute of Advanced Manufacturing Technologies