The Effects of Volunteerism and CSR Programmes on the Effectiveness of Companies and Employees

08 Jun , 15:30–16:45
International Youth Economic Forum
Pavilion G, conference hall G6

Practice has shown that the most effective large companies do business guided by the principles of corporate governance and corporate social responsibility (CSR). The corporate governance system is vital to ensuring that enterprises and organizations are attractive to investors and are capable of adapting to global shifts on macro and micro levels. CSR principles facilitate building long-term loyal relationships with clients, employees, and other social stakeholders. In the long run, they affect the competitiveness of business in both domestic and international markets. Systematic CSR programmes directly influence company's economic indicators and transform regional social landscapes. Corporate volunteerism programmes make up an important part of CSR. For companies, they serve as an irreplaceable tool for advancing corporate values, increasing employee cohesion, and strengthening horizontal ties. It is a way to retain valuable employees and is an effective non-financial motivation method. Corporate volunteerism helps build strong relationships with government agencies, third sector institutions, local communities, and media organizations. Despite many large media organizations’ scepticism towards corporate volunteerism, the social trust in the phenomenon grows. An increasing number of traditional and new media organizations are starting to pay attention to social responsibility in business. However, not all employees see external coverage of their work as something positive. How are CSR programmes affecting companies’ economic indicators and transforming lives in the regions? How can volunteerism programmes help shape HR strategies? Is it always necessary to share information about volunteer projects with an external audience to maintain a positive social image?

Vadim Kovalev, First Deputy Executive Director, Russian Managers Association

Irina Arkhipova, Public Affairs and Communications Director, Coca-Cola HBC Russia
Rustam Zakiev, Head, Communication and Social Projects Department, RUSAL; Chairman, National Council for Corporate Volunteering
Svetlana Ivchenko, Head of the Social Policy Department, MMC Norilsk Nickel
Stanislav Kasparov, Director of Business Support in Regions of Operation, SIBUR
Artem Metelev, Chairman of the Council, Association of Volunteer Centers; Member of the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation
Gor Nahapetyan, Serial Entrepreneur and Philanthropist; Co-Founder, Profilum, CrashPro future Careers School, The Friends Foundation
Matthias Schepp, Chairman, Russian-German Chamber of Commerce