Women in BRICS Economy: Roles, Meanings, Source of Growth

18 Jun , 12:00–13:15
The New Economic Order: Responding to the Challenges of the Time
Congress Centre, conference hall B2

In recent years, the BRICS' comprehensive multi-year development strategies have paid particular attention to initiatives aimed at overcoming barriers to women's participation in the economy. As a rule, these initiatives are aimed at increasing access to education, professional development, digital technologies, and finance opportunities. Additionally, such initiatives support entrepreneurship, innovations and start-ups, as well as promote women's leadership in business. It is common for women globally to play an important role in services, agriculture, to act as cross-border traders in manufacturing industries, producers, and entrepreneurs. However, women are much less integrated into international trade. In the current challenging environment, the BRICS collective commitment to women's economic empowerment and women’s role in international trade, including through ongoing information support, is more necessary than ever. What are the state and private business initiatives being implemented in the BRICS countries to increase women's participation in economic life and what are their results? What are the BRICS women entrepreneurs' experiences and new opportunities for cooperation? What factors hinder the expansion of trade and economic cooperation between the BRICS countries and how can they be overcome? How to increase the economic activity of women in the BRICS countries?

Anna Nesterova, Founder, Chairperson of the Board of Directors, Global Rus Trade; Chairperson of the Russian Chapter, BRICS Women's Business Alliance

Harsh Aggarwal, Partner, CKD Fire Suppressions Co
Olga Belyavtseva, Chairperson of the Board, Progress
Galina Volkova, Chief Executive Officer, "ORTOMODA"
Wang Wеnli, Consul General of the People's Republic of China in Saint Petersburg
Lebogang Zulu, Chief Executive Officer, AV Group of Companies; Chairperson of the South African Chapter, BRICS Women's Business Alliance (online)
Zhang Yi, Deputy Secretary General of China Chamber of International Commerce (online)
Kristina Romanovskaya, Chief Executive Officer, Lazarevskoye
Chetna Sinha, Founder, Chairperson, Mann Deshi Bank (online)
Elena Chashchina, Chief Executive Officer, EPOTOS
Lyudmila Scherbakova, Co-Founder, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Velpharm
Irina Eldarkhanova, Founder, Konfael