Improving the Financial Culture: How to Ensure Public Confidence and Improve the Availability and Quality of Services

07 Jun , 16:00–16:45
Pavilion G, Innosocium LAB

The financial literacy index of the population of the Russian Federation, calculated in accordance with the OECD long-term method, comes to 12.1. According to this indicator, Russia continues to occupy the 9th position among G20 countries. Improving the financial culture of the population is a complex process that includes improving financial literacy, the availability of financial services, their quality, and confidence in the entire industry.
‒ What are the most effective ways of promoting financial literacy?
‒ What are the main aspects and issues related to the protection of the rights of financial services?

Elena Ilyina, Consultant of the Department for International Financial Relations, Ministry of Finance
Guzeliya Imaeva, Chief Executive Officer, NAFI Research Centre
Aleksandr Kolankov, Advisor to the Head of Service for Consumer Protection and Financial Inclusion, Central Bank of the Russian Federation
Anna Kuznetsova, Member of the Executive Board, Managing Director of Securities Market, Moscow Exchange
Vladimir Potapov, Chief Executive Officer, VTB Capital Investment Management; Head of the Brokerage Department, Senior Vice President, VTB Bank