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05 –08 June 2019

05 Jun
Screening of Anna’s War
Anna’s War by Aleksey Fedorchenko received Russia’s three top movie awards in 2018: The Golden Eagle Award, The Nika Award and The White Elephant Award from the Russian Guild of Film Critics. This striking story mesmerized both the critics and audiences: after losing her parents, a little girl hides in the local Nazi headquarters’ chimney for several years waiting for her village to be liberated. Anna’s War is a totally new take on war movies that gives us an opportunity to live Anna’s life alongside her, instead of just being spectators. Marta Kozlova – the 6-year-old actress who played the main part – does not say a word throughout the entire movie. Instead, she helps us dive deep inside her terrifyingly isolated world, where every step means danger and where allies are nowhere to be found.
The film will be screened in Russian, with English subtitles.

Free access for Forum participants.

05 Jun
Evening event: ‘A different setting for Nornickel’
For the first time in the history of the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum, Nornickel is organizing its own party for its friends, colleagues and partners.
During the event, a historic mansion on the Moika river will become home to high-tech, music, ecology, and the creativity of the peoples of the North. Guests will be able to try out northern cuisine, take part in a charity auction, and listen to performances by musical groups.
The evening’s format is eminently suitable for SPIEF guests to enjoy relaxed, calm communication with Nornickel partners and contractors.

Open to participants by invitation only.

05 Jun
Gala Concert
BIOCAD is starting off its global information campaign in the fight against rheumatic diseases with a gala concert featuring stars of Russian ballet. The event serves as an opportunity to spread the word about the importance of the fight against these diseases. This message is communicated using the universal international language of dance, which is accessible regardless of one's personal characteristics and potential limitations.

This event is open to Premium Package participants by invitation only.
More information about this event can be found in the personal web office.

06 Jun
Grand Opening of the ‘St. Petersburg Characters’ Exhibition
The grand opening of the Anatoly Belkin exhibition ‘St. Petersburg Characters’. Participants and guests of the Forum can enjoy an unforgettable evening in good company in the heart of St. Petersburg and try themselves as a porcelain artist.

For Premium package participants attendance to the event is by invitation.

06 Jun
Evening Reception of the International Cultural Project ‘Russian Seasons’
At the event, the ambassadors of Russian Seasons will be announced, chosen from prominent Russian artists.
The concert, organised by the international cultural project Russian Seasons and the Russian-German Academy of Music, will see performances by winners of international competitions and famous performers from Russia and Germany: Thomas Reif (violin), Aylen Pritchin (violin), Dinara Muratova (viola), Elizaveta Zolotova (viola), Jacob Shteppe (cello), Ivan Sendetsky (cello), Olga Pudova (soprano), Askar Abdrazakov (bass), and Nikolaus Rexroth (piano).
In 2019 Germany will host Russian Seasons, so the concert programme is focused on the close musical ties between the countries. Pyotr Tchaikovsky's sextet Souvenir de Florence will evoke Italy, which hosted Russian Seasons in 2018.
The opera pieces will be performed by soloists from the Mariinsky Theatre, which is where the Russian-German Academy of Music rehearses on a permanent basis under the artistic direction of maestro Valery Gergiev.

This event is open to Premium Package participants by invitation only.
More information about this event can be found in the personal web office.

06 Jun
‘Night at the Museum’
This event will celebrate the 45th anniversary of the start of construction of the Baikal–Amur Mainline. The event will include a musical tour by Garik Sukachov and the Campanella Stone Star orchestra.

This event is open to Premium Package participants by invitation only.

06 Jun
‘Russia and the World’ Non-Trivial Game
Quiz Game.
Hosts: Mikhail Skipsky, player of the ‘What? Where? When?’ Club, and actor Andrey Maksimkov.
A simultaneous game for 15–20 teams (6 players per team).
The questions will address the past and the present of Russia’s cooperation with the global community in the fields of culture, science and business: great scholars, famous authors, Nobel Prize winners, as well as contemporary events that rank Russia among the most influential powers of the world.

This event is open to Premium and Standard Package participants by invitation only. Prior registration is required.
More information about this event can be found in the personal web office.

07 Jun
‪Reception hosted by the Governor of St. Petersburg in celebration of the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum‬‬‬‬‬
‪A comfortable patio with a buffet space and business negotiation zone will be organized on the territory of the State Hermitage Museum, located just a few minutes away from Palace Square.‬ ‬‬
‪At 19:00, Acting Governor of St. Petersburg Alexander Beglov will give a welcome speech to event guests.‬ ‬‬
‪This event will turn the State Hermitage Museum’s Shuvalovsky Proezd into a unique promenade featuring the musical stylings of DJ Kosinus, a musician and showman with exquisite musical taste and precise technique, leaving listeners with unforgettable memories after each performance.‬ ‬‬
‪The guest entrance for this event is located on Millionnaya Ulitsa‬‬‬

This event is open to Premium Package participants by invitation only.
More information about this event can be found in the personal web office.

07 Jun
Indian Reception
Guests at the reception will enjoy a taste of Indian culture, art, and cuisine.

Premium Package participants may attend the event by invitation.
Detailed information is available in your personal web office.