A New Generation of Entrepreneurs

05 Jun , 14:30–16:00
Russian Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises Forum
Youth Track
Congress Centre, Sberbank Hall

Fewer and fewer people do business guided by the old principles. Times are changing, the economy is changing and, as a result, entrepreneurs are changing too. Client experience is coming to the fore. The new economy is opening up fundamentally new opportunities for the most active members of society. Money is no longer a privilege of a selected few. An entrepreneur from a small town is able to attract and work with a huge audience of customers. Access to specialists and technologies is so open that today you can be in Moscow and your team can work around the world. It is time for new opportunities.
Key topics to be addressed in the session:
• How can a new generation of entrepreneurs transform the country’s economy?
• How do entrepreneurs of Generation Y think?
• How can entrepreneurial activity in the country be boosted and a new entrepreneurial ecosystem created?

Andrey Sharov, Vice-President, Head of GR Directorate, Sberbank

Andrei Vanin, Vice President, Head of Legal Entities Ecosystem Directorate, Sberbank
Pavel Kuryanov, General Director, Black Star
Samira Mustafaeva, Founder, Main Coach, SM Stretching Studio
Andrey Romanenko, Сhief Executive Officer, Shareholder, Evotor
Evgeniya Ronzhina, Founder, MyBusiness.Community
Andrey Shutov, Founder, Factorial Group