Young Leaders in an Era of Global Transformation. Cooperation for Sustainable Development

05 Jun , 12:00–13:30
Russian Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises Forum
Pavilion G, conference hall G6

In the modern era of global transformation and fast technological development, the international community is seeking out optimal solutions to achieve responsible, sustainable and balanced growth. Young leaders and entrepreneurs are playing an active role in this process, creating innovative solutions to ongoing problems in all areas of human development. The best Russian and international practices, specific projects in the realm of social entrepreneurship, education, technology, sustainable cities, and the promotion of the UN Sustainable Development Goals will be presented at the session of the permanent international pool of young leaders Friends for Leadership, who are involved in the creation and promotion of multilateral economic and humanitarian collaborative projects.

Roman Chukov, Chairman of the Board, Russian Center for Promotion of International Initiatives; Assistant to Youth Policy Director, Roscongress Foundation

Teresa Astolfi, Head of the International Directorate, People’s Party in the Congress of Deputies of the Kingdom of Spain
Matias Badano, Founder, NANOTICA Agro
Amra Naidoo, Co-Founder, Accelerating Asia
David Okpatuma, Executive Director, Friends Pro Earth
Reis Rodrigo, Founder, Executive Director, Instituto Global Attitude