Exhibitors 2021

Association of Innovative Regions of Russia (AIRR)
The Association of Innovative Regions of Russia (AIRR) includes 17 of the innovatively strongest regions in the Russian Federation. By comprehensively promoting the interests of its member-regions at the interregional, federal and international levels, AIRR facilitates economic co-operation among them. At the AIRR stand you can learn about the key areas of focus of the Association and about investment projects that members of the Association carried out in 2020 and are carrying out in 2021.
Great Siberia
Great Siberia is a brand used in common by all ten regions of the Siberian Federal District at the Forum. The joint stand of Great Siberia presents the best, and oftentimes unique, development projects that spark tremendous growth not only of the regional economies but of the national economy as a whole. Great Siberia means science, manufacture, transportation, mineral and resource production and processing, everything that is the glory and abundance of the Siberian land, everything that Siberians are working on these days, everything that creates the new look of Siberia, the high-tech centres of investment attraction and economic development drivers! We look forward to meeting the Forum’s participants and guests!
Vladimir Region
Vladimir Region is the place to live and invest in. The stand will present the Region’s industrial, tourism, and investment potential. SPIEF participants will get to learn more about leading local companies, investment platforms and opportunities. Vladimir Region is the place, where history was made and Russian statehood was born. New times have given this historical land unique projects, forward-thinking people, and plans that are meant to become a reality. The display will present Dobrograd, Russia’s new town, and a free economic zone. At the same time, the stand will be home to a large wood processing company that produces high-quality plywood and Rustekhnologii Murom, a successful investment case in Murom’s heavy industry.
Kaluga Region
“We are simply cosmos” is the key message of Kaluga Region’s expo stand. Kaluga is celebrating its 650th birthday in 2021 and the display was inspired by the 60th anniversary of the first flight of man into space, the anniversary of the cradle of astronautics. It presents the innovative and infrastructural potential of the area: industrial sites, international logistical routes, digital projects, as well as world-class products of its leading companies. Innovative drugs by NOVO NORDISK, reliable products by VMK INVEST, unique developments by PANDORA, and the bestselling lines by BOSCO and L'ORÉAL – the stand’s technological solutions let you try these and other products and developments in action, while project authors and leaders stand by to answer any questions.
Krasnodar Region. Invest with taste!
This year, Krasnodar Region is set to have an unprecedently large display, which will present the Region’s most promising investment projects. The stand will also have an exhibition and networking area, where guests will have a chance to learn more about the remarkable investment potential of Krasnodar Region and join its busy business programme that will address the most relevant economic topics. The Region will also showcase the export potential of local industrial operations, tourism, and agriculture. A traditional restaurant of Kuban cuisine will be located right next to the stand. Its guests will get the opportunity to try delicious dishes cooked with the organic produce of Krasnodar Region farms. Professional sommeliers will offer a tasting of exquisite local wines.
Crimea's exhibition stand at SPIEF 2021

With its unifying theme “7 years at home”, the Crimean exposition reports on the region's key achievements over the past 7 years. Concise modern solutions are harmoniously combined with Taurida's historical architecture at the exhibition stand of the Republic, which will become an excellent photo area for guests and participants of the Forum. Using an interactive format, visitors may get acquainted with successful investment and large-scale infrastructure projects, potential investment sites, business support measures, benefits of a free economic zone and get expert advice.

In addition, guests of the Crimean stand will be delighted to try Crimean products. Get to know Crimea, get to taste it!

Leningrad Region
Leningrad Region has shown outstanding growth rates even during the pandemic. The Region will offer its guests an opportunity to learn more about its largest export oriented projects in industry, recreation, and local ports. Traditionally, the stand will host signing ceremonies for over 20 investment agreements.
Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation

The most significant achievements of Russian science will be presented by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education at its stand.

The Ministry will demonstrate CoviVac – the Russian vaccine against COVID-19, the megascience installation – the Baikal-GVD deep-sea neutrino telescope, and other advanced innovations of universities and scientific organizations.

The discussions at the stand will include the priority areas for implementation of the Strategy for Scientific and Technological Development of the Russian Federation.

Experts will also speak about innovations and technologies that are shaping the future today: floating universities, megascience installations, digital meta-space for scientific research, and modern methods of space exploration.

Additionally, discussions on student travelling, employment of Russian universities' graduates, and other topical issues are planned.


Welcome to this enormous modern metropolis, a city with colossal investment potential, cutting-edge technologies, an advanced industrial policy, and eco-projects.

You can find more details about Moscow at the Russian capital’s booth, which showcases the city’s new industrial quarters, existing and future technoparks, the Technopolis Moscow special economic zone, projects to support small and medium-sized businesses, and public-private partnerships.

Moscow is developing new methods of partnership and also introducing innovative approaches in close cooperation with business. For example, this year the booth will feature a completely contactless fare payment method using face recognition, and the Unified Dispatch Centre, a fundamentally new structural unit that combines the dispatch and management of personnel of all services responsible for organizing traffic.

The booth attendants will show how urban medicine can be provided with the necessary innovative equipment through life cycle contracts. They will also share their experience in implementing Europe’s largest educational, health, and leisure project for the older generation.

Moscow is a city of opportunities for you!

Moscow Region

The Moscow Region stand will present the investment potential of the Moscow Region and inform about the regional support measures provided to investors. Negotiations and signing investment agreements with Russian and foreign companies to implement projects in the Moscow region will be held. Cutting edge digital innovations and fundamentally new projects and solutions in the field of business, ecology, education, housing and communal services, transport and healthcare will be presented.

National transport association

The National transport association ranks as one of the passenger transport leaders and partners up with 7 Russian regions, with over 3,500 medium-sized, large and extra-large buses and over 600 routes. Our buses carry over 1 million passengers every day.
Cutting-edge technologies help the NTA provide transport services to Russian residents, while observing requirements and priorities set by regional governments. The Association includes operational and maintenance facilities, route and traffic planning departments, a dispatch centre, and a customer service centre.
The NTA is the country’s only organization that boasts experience in implementing transport models in big cities in partnership with government agencies. The Association has all the necessary resources to purchase new buses and operate them on the lines (new bus models can be developed, if needed). The National Transport Association can improve the quality of passenger service, which translates into a higher quality of life in the region.

Novgorod Region

Can a region rise by 42 points in the rating of investment attractiveness of Russian regions in 5 years? Yes, it can if we are talking about Novgorod Region! At our stand you can take a #forwardtothepast virtual tour and see for yourself how history walks hand in hand with the future. Leading projects carried out in Novgorod Region are sure to impress our guests. The history of success of the leading companies of the country in the chemical, wood-processing, nutrition and other industries will inspire you to new achievements. You will realize why the number of tourists coming to the Novgorod region is growing by leaps and bounds. Enjoy the exceptional hospitality of the legendary Lord Novgorod the Great!

RANEPA – National School of Management

The Presidential Academy is a leader in the training of management personnel for business and the state. The RANEPA booth showcases the most significant programmes for training leaders and management teams:

  • programmes for the training of senior management personnel for government bodies, all levels of state and municipal administration, state enterprises, and the social sector, including the Executive Master in Public Management and Doctor of Public Administration programmes;
  • programmes for the senior management of companies and entrepreneurial teams, including Executive MBA programmes, which are the best in Russia and Eastern Europe according to the Financial Times.

The RANEPA stand will provide the opportunity to interact with programme directors online.

Republic of Bashkortostan

What makes the Republic of Bashkortostan a potential centre for business, cultural, and industrial tourism? A unique combination of cultural traditions, nature reserves, modern production facilities, and international business events.

The republic has long ceased to be known solely for its delicious honey: it is also a region of industrial achievements and boasts extensive mineral resource base. The Republic of Bashkortostan’s government actively supports foreign economic relations by creating comfortable conditions for business and ensuring the region has an impressive investment appeal.

More than 1,500 investment projects are being implemented in the republic. The region’s industrial base includes such major industrial companies as Bashkir Soda Company, Bashneft, Bashkir Copper, and Beloretsk Metallurgical Plant.

Discover Bashkortostan!

Republic of Tatarstan
Tatarstan is Russia’s leader in social and economic development. For three years in a row, the Republic topped the Russian Regions’ Investment Attractiveness Rating. It is the most innovative region that creates the most infrastructure for investments. The government of Tatarstan offers the most favourable business climate. Welcome to the stand of the Republic of Tatarstan!
Ryazan Region
Being over 900 years old, Ryazan is now a large industrial and scientific centre that boasts high production standards. Local residents take pride in their home region: they work hard to help it prosper and cherish their heritage. Ryazan Region is rightfully regarded as the soul of Russia. Ryazan Region’s display at SPIEF 2021 will give its guests an opportunity to enjoy the hospitality of this truly unique region and learn more about its research, innovative, and industrial achievements. The stand will also present Ryazan Region’s main sights and its tourism and investment potential. Every time we team up, we are taking a step towards greater good.
Samara Region

The Samara Region’s booth features an exhibit of the region’s major infrastructure project – ‘smart road’, which analyses traffic flow to improve road safety using artificial intelligence technologies.

In addition, one of the booth’s key components is an interactive map that you can click on to see the region’s investment sites.

The booth can receive information from the AIST satellite, which is in near-earth orbit, to fully immerse you in space.

The Samara Region invites all forum participants to visit the booth as well as take photos with exhibits and post them on social media using the hashtags #samaratykosmos and #letsgo.

Tver Regionс: the territory of opportunities
The display will give you a chance to size the possibilities of investing in Tver Region. Get all the information about local advanced development territories – industrial and technology parks, real estate development projects, and tourist destinations. We offer a whole ranges of government support measures and individual approach to every investor. Our other advantages include: 1. Distance. Tver is just an hour away from Moscow by Sapsan high-speed train. 2. Human resources. Tver has 45 vocational training facilities that cater to the needs of local operations. 3. Infrastructure. We have 150 state-owned sites, with over 12 thousand hectares. 4. Conditions. We offer lower taxes for investors.