Is there an Employment Cost to Agro-Industrial Innovation?

Is there an Employment Cost to Agro-Industrial Innovation?

1 June, 11:00–12:15

Agriculture is one of the few sectors in the Russian economy experiencing rapid expansion, generating strong returns while contributing to global and regional food security and spurring exports. Recent investments have led to a rise in quality and reduced losses during storage and transportation, while margins have been maintained. But more work remains to be done. What areas of Russian agro-industry are a priority for investment and development? How might expanded participation by foreign firms and shifts in global demand structure impact the sector over the next decade? What steps should be taken to further promote and stimulate domestic production and what is the right balance of import substitution and exports? What do businesses and the state need to do to support economic and social stability in the agricultural sector while establishing an environment in which innovation can be introduced to the industry?


Key moments

Innovation technologies enable creation of smart farms and agricultural enterprises that consolidate the entire chain of creating the final product, from farm to store, into a united information system.
Alexander Tkachev
Minister of Agriculture of the Russian Federation
The agricultural sector competes for professional staff with other industries that are traditionally considered to be high-tech.
Alexander Tkachev
Minister of Agriculture of the Russian Federation
We highlight three main trends: robotization, breeding and genetics, informatization. According to our evaluations, the cumulative effect of these trends should reach RUB 10 trillion by 2030.
Oleg Goshchansky
Chairman and Managing Partner, KPMG in Russia and the CIS
Our challenge is probably broader and more complicated. We want to use artificial intelligence to minimize human influence on decision-making processes.
Vadim Moshkovich
Chairman of the Board of Directors, Rusagro
Implementation of technological innovative solutions in agriculture inevitably leads to triumphs for some companies and losses for others.
Aleksandr Nikitin
Head of Administration of Tambov Region
The food production is about hunting the new ideas.
Pekka Viljakainen
Advisor to the President, Skolkovo Foundation; Chairman, Aii Capital
Digital is going to make a huge difference. It is the agriculture of the future and it will be intervening in every aspect of a farmer.
Gaël Hili
Global Agribusiness Manager at Syngenta