E-commerce and the Future of Russian Retail

E-commerce and the Future of Russian Retail

1 June, 16:45–18:00

E-commerce sales are projected to reach RUB 2.18 trillion by 2020, while at the same time the use of cloud technology is being rapidly adopted, with one in three Internet retailers already using a public cloud platform. More recently, cross-border transactions have increased with Chinese players taking market share. What is the future of Russian e-commerce? What companies are the most frequent users of cloud solutions? What barriers should Russia overcome in order to fully realize its e-commerce potential?


Key moments

I believe that you can win the e-commerce as a brand, when you develop an advertising model that works with e-commerce shopper.
Matthias Berninger
Global Head of Public Policy, Mars Incorporated
E-commerce is not a new channel, but a new business model.
Gary Coombe
President, Europe Selling & Market Operations, P&G
The right business model is simply the model that shopper has chosen. Whatever the shopper chose is the right model.
Danny Perekalsky
General Director, Ozon.ru
In order to maintain a high sales turnover, our price should be competitive because the consumer’s final decision depends on the price.
Aysel Trudel
Co-Founder, Member of the Board of Directors, Aizel.ru
The main driver of economic growth is a skilled workforce. Educational systems should be created in the area of e-commerce. They have a great future.
Aysel Trudel
Co-Founder, Member of the Board of Directors, Aizel.ru
There is no difference between online or offline. This is commerce, nevertheless. The next step is purchase 5.0 – the Internet of things, where the consumer will only have to receive the product and the things will communicate with one another and make orders.
Brian Kean
Chief International Officer, Ulmart
The logistics infrastructure should be ahead of the growth of business in order to maintain demand. The client must have the right to choose and get high-quality service.
Sergey Malyshev
Deputy General Director for Parcel Business and Express Delivery, Russian Post