Business in Search of Trust

Business in Search of Trust

1 June, 16:45–18:00

The public’s trust in business is plummeting almost everywhere around the world, and business leaders are struggling to respond. What can be done to reverse this trend? Will digitalization help to increase trust in business or, on the contrary, lead to further mistrust? How can business and government collaborate more successfully? Can companies be both highly profitable and socially responsible? Is philanthropy an integral part of a company’s role in the community? When designing their corporate strategies, how much importance should companies place on maximising trust in business?


Key moments

Trust illustrates business success. For a business to be successful, it should be trusted. This means that it should be socially responsible.
Roman Avdeev
Sole Ultimate Beneficiary, ROSSIUM Concern
If desired, cooperation at all levels may be built in such a way that business will have no complaints to the authorities. And the authorities should have no complaints to business by definition.
Anatoly Artamonov
Governor of Kaluga Region
The subject of trust is fundamental for society in the 21st century, where a person is the main asset.
Ruben Vardanian
Entrepreneur, Philanthropist
We need a leader, we need Russia’s leadership and we need your support to apply our French law against supermarkets wasting food everywhere.
Arash Derambarsh
City Councillor for Courbevoie
Today, to conduct business, revenues should not be the only priority. Business must also think about the society in which it operates.
Larisa Zelkova
Senior Vice President, HR, Social Policy, and Public Relations, Norilsk Nickel
The subject of trust in business is not new. At the beginning of the industrial revolution, it led to the appearance of the auditor profession. This was a response by the business environment to a lack of trust.
Igor Lotakov
Country Managing Partner, PwC Russia
Trust is critical because it reflects a company’s reputation and its competitive advantage in seeking talent.
Igor Lotakov
Country Managing Partner, PwC Russia
Today, transparency is becoming companies’ competitive advantage and protection.
Igor Lotakov
Country Managing Partner, PwC Russia
In the last century, for a business to stay afloat, it was enough to think only about business. Today, business must also think about society.
Igor Lotakov
Country Managing Partner, PwC Russia
If we develop business, create an effective environment, more market players appear and start investing, only then will there be a demand for new institutions.
Boris Titov
Presidential Commissioner for Entrepreneurs’ Rights