Energy Trilemma – Ensuring a Balance Through Integration

Energy Trilemma – Ensuring a Balance Through Integration

2 June, 12:00–13:15

Ensuring a balance between the three core dimensions of the Energy Trilemma − energy security, energy equity and environmental sustainability − makes the major challenge related to the development of state energy policies. One of the most effective ways to solve the Trilemma challenge is the worldwide collaboration and regional integration. They are the key to unlocking the enormous untapped potential of energy resources, natural transportation routes, and energy storage capacity. What are the critical challenges that are best addressed at global / regional rather than national level? What is the role of Russia in the development of the energy systems integration of Euro-Asian region?


Key moments

The key integration motivator is our consumer, not power generation, but the consumer.
Oleg Budargin
Director General, Chairman of the Management Board, Rosseti
Even bottom-up integration needs rules because if bottom-up integration comes like a jungle then we are running into problems.
Andreas Kuhlmann
Chief Executive, German Energy Agency (Dena)
Then more interconnected we are then less we are exposed to risk of blackout or interruption of electricity.
Luigi Ferraris
Chief Executive Officer, TERNA
We have to learn to each other to make security by design and it is possible by standardisation.
Bernhard Thies
President, European Committee for Electrotechnical Standardization (CENELEC)
You will always have a benefit in integrating electrical systems. It is a very basic rule. An interconnected system is much better than a fragmented small one.
Francesco Starace
Chief Executive Officer, General Manager, Enel S.p.A
Creation of the Asian ring is forming the second pillar of the greater Europe–Russia–Asia power bridge, and that will allow any power generation on the continent and any consumer on the continent to find each other.
Oleg Budargin
Director General, Chairman of the Management Board, Rosseti
Our task is to make people’s lives more convenient and comfortable. Naturally, accessible, inexpensive energy has a direct influence on that.
Alexander Osipov
First Deputy Minister for the Development of the Russian Far East