Business Priority

Changing Society by Treating Animals Responsibly

03 Jun , 13:30–14:45
Business Priority Programme
Strategic session
Pavilion H, Business Priority Zone

The following will take place as part of the strategic session:
— Summing up the results of the ‘TOP 10 Innovation Companies in the Pet and Animal Industry’ competition.
The competition was organized by Business Priority, a Roscongress Foundation innovation platform, together with the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection of Russia, the Ministry of Agriculture of Russia, the Skolkovo Foundation, and the Agency for Strategic Initiatives.

— Presentation of the shortlist:
✔ Sergey Sherstoboyev, REG Agro,
✔ Anna Rudakova, TopCat;
✔ Denis Ter-Okopov, ONTO Biotechnology;
✔ Vladlen Hvan, Pogryzuhin;
✔ Alexey Istomin, Zooprotein;
✔ Alexander Yagupov, BioMicroGel;
✔ Alexander Ponomarenko, WikiZoo.

— Discussion of the key topic of developing a system of responsible attitude towards animals in society, including creating an up-to-date accounting system as reflected in assignments of the President of Russia:

Key talking points:
— Responsible attitude toward pets and farm animals: legal framework, technical solutions,
related markets;
— Digitization of livestock farming: prospects and opportunities;
— Food security in the 21 st century: how to ensure that new technologies make an impact?
— Strengthening the trend of humane and conscious animal ownership, which will help achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.