Business Priority

Technology and Innovation for Sustainable Development

04 Jun , 08:30–09:45
Business Priority Programme
Special session
Pavilion H, Business Priority Zone

Sustainable development, a paradigm of the harmonious coexistence of ecological, social, and economic systems in the interests of present and future generations, assumes there will be a large-scale transformation of business and an active transition to an innovative type of business model and business thinking.
Growing environmental problems, the economic consequences of natural and manmade disasters, problems in the social sector, and the rapid decline in natural resources dictate the need for the advanced development of certain specific areas of scientific and technological research and development. Today, the focus is on “clean” energy, biotechnology, genomic medicine, nanomaterials, self-driving cars, eco-friendly materials, artificial intelligence, and green technologies.
How do sustainable business models of the future and revolutionary products take shape to get us closer to achieving the sustainable development goals?

Discussion topics:
— Innovative business thinking in the context of sustainable development: opportunities
and prospects
— FoodTech for food safety: what will the food of the future look like and how are high-tech
solutions for the food industry changing the market?
— Responsible consumption: can technology help tackle the garbage crisis?
— Healthy lifestyles, wellbeing, and gender equality: how women are developing innovative
medical technologies
— Partnerships for sustainable development: how mobile platforms help charity
— Fintech and blockchain in the pandemic era: a unique window of opportunity for a
responsible and secure business

Elmar Murtazaev, CEO, Forbes Russia

Andrey Zyuzin, managing partner, F4G Foundation
Nikita Kukushkin, actor, mobile app creator "Pomoshch"
Yury Maksimov, CEO Positive Technologies
Alice Melnikova, director of Digital and Information Technologies, SIBUR
Anna Mesheryakova, CEO, "Third Opinion"
Vladimir Salakhutdinov, director of Strategy and Business Development, Member of Management Board X5 Retail Group