Business Priority

Diverse People? Or What We Know about Inclusion

03 Jun , 10:00–11:15
Business Priority Programme
Discussion session
Pavilion H, Business Priority Zone

The pandemic has pointedly highlighted the risks of inequality, including risks that are expressed in economic terms, and has removed inclusion from the category of charitable tasks to a must have and made it one of the global priorities for recovery from COVID-19. Despite many years of work to create an inclusive society, last year once again made us all think about what we know about inclusion, as it relates to each of us. Let’s talk about this after the premiere of Kirill Kosolapov’s short film ‘Different People’ about one of the outstanding and most unusual inclusive projects ‘Uppsala Circus’ and about the people who have been creating and supporting it for many years.
The past year was also a turning point for business. Diversity and inclusion programmes are entrenched on the agenda of large companies. What motivates them to support inclusive projects and develop inclusion within companies? Is it solely the need to insure their risks as part of the new ethics? Or is business beginning to see the value of diversity within a team?
The ubiquity of inclusion requires new formats, and today social media is one of the most effective tools, which aims to address mass audiences and is capable of bringing about positive change. Let’s talk about the power of art in creating a truly inclusive society.

Julia Varshavskaya, Chief Editor, Forbes Life, Forbes Woman

Olga Zubkova, General Director, International Centre for Social Innovations “Vector of Friendship”
Kirill Kosolapov, producer and director of “The others?” Project
Natalya Poppel, Sustainable Development Advisor to the General Director, Severstal
Irina Sedykh, Chairman of the Supervisory Board, OMK Uchastie Charity Fund
Perizat Shaikhina, First Deputy Chairman of the Management Board, Rosbank