Business Priority Portal Top Investment Projects

03 Jun , 08:30–09:45
Business Priority Programme
Pitch session
Pavilion H, Business Priority Zone

Demand for digitalization is high in all sectors of the economy and in all areas of business activity at present. Investments are no exception. A significant number of potentially attractive investment projects across various industries can be found in the regions of Russia, and they are looking for external equity or debt financing. To be sure, many enjoy the support of regional development institutions, and some can be found on the corresponding digital information resources. Over time, however, a single centralized resource where information on key investment opportunities from all over the country can be collected in a unified format has become more and more important.
Such is the idea that has served as the foundation for the Investment Portal of Russian regions, which is a unique digital space that unites the interests of regions, investors, and project initiators. The project is a joint initiative of the Roscongress Foundation and the RC-Investments Foundation and is being implemented with the support of the Russian Ministry of Economic Development.
A selection of top projects posted on will be presented during the session: project creators from different regions will talk about their initiatives in various industries, share their experience, and field questions. The discussion will be held in the traditional pitch-session format.

Vladimir Tumashov, project manager of the Fund RC-Investments