Business Priority

30 under 30: the power of community

04 Jun , 16:30–17:45
Business Priority Programme
Pavilion H, Business Priority Zone

The Forbes 30 under 30 Session focuses on the importance of the community in an entrepreneur’s life. The session participants will share their experience from interaction within the Forbes 30 under 30 global community and talk about how it helps to raise investment, search for clients and partners, and enter foreign markets. Members of the Forbes 30 under 30 community include people who had already been recognized in the professional community by the age of 30 and became well-known at the national or even global level.

Discussion topics:

— What opportunities does the 30 under 30 community offer?
— How does making the 30 under 30 list change the lives of entrepreneurs?
— How does the 30 under 30 community help to raise investments and search for clients?
— Why does involvement in the international community help to enter foreign markets?
— How has the pandemic affected the community’s development?

Anastasia Karpova, deputy Editor-in-chief at Forbes Russia, Head of Forbes Under30 in Russia
Nikolay Uskov, Editorial Director, Forbes

Alex Belyankin, CEO and founder LegionFarm
Nick Davydov, vc, venture partner of Fort Ross Ventures
Valeria Matukhina, CEO of SberTroyka
Konstantin Sidorkov, Director of Music Projects Development, Mail.Ru Group
Anna-Maria Treneva, Head, Facebook, Instagram & Messenger for Russia