Business programme

Entrepreneurship and Employment in the Age of Giganomics

03 Jun , 11:00–12:15
New Technology Frontiers
Congress Centre, conference hall B1
In partnership with Yandex Group of Companies

Across the world, digital platforms are penetrating new markets, stimulating supply and demand, and transforming the long-standing practices of entire economic sectors. We have become used to saying things like “I’ll get an Uber” or “I’ll order it on Amazon”, but big companies could never become synonymous with everyday amenities without people. Every journey and every purchase is made possible by the work of taxi companies and self-employed drivers, small online stores and local restaurants. The IT companies that have created tech products for instant taxi bookings and online purchases are now launching projects that may seem unusual for the tech business, investing millions of dollars in insurance and support programmes for drivers and couriers, helping to improve the industry’s reputation, and establishing funds to support partners through the pandemic. Have the tech giants been forced into taking these steps, or is this a natural stage in their evolution? Where are the social initiatives launched by digital platforms headed and how can they be synchronized with government projects? How can digital business and the state work more effectively together to develop small businesses and increase people’s incomes?

Elena Malkova, Chief Editor, The Bell

Anton Kotyakov, Minister of Labour and Social Protection of the Russian Federation
Aleksandr Laryanovskiy, Managing Partner, Skyeng
Oksana Sinyavskaya, Deputy Director of the Institute for Social Policy, National Research University Higher School of Economics
Tigran Khudaverdyan, Managing Director, Yandex Group of Companies
Maksut Shadaev, Minister of Digital Development, Communications and Mass Media of the Russian Federation
Alexander Shulgin, Chief Executive Officer, Ozon