Business programme

Transforming the Food Industry in a Post-COVID World

03 Jun , 11:00–12:15
New Technology Frontiers
Pavilion H, Krasnodar Region Hall
In partnership with Russian Agricultural Bank

Over the past decade, Russian agriculture has become one of the leading sectors in the domestic economy. Russia produces its own food and is actively expanding its export market. But to strengthen its leading positions on global markets, the country must assess and make sense of long-term trends. The technological revolution has already permeated the agricultural industry, with the emergence of plant protein, 3D meat and hydroponics, among other things. Large companies are increasingly investing in the development of modern technologies, and start-ups are actively attracting venture capital. But not all of them are meeting demand. The COVID-19 epidemic has placed a renewed focus on the essential needs of the population and has shifted the focus away from the hype of technology. The sharp surge in demand for food supplies during the pandemic led to food shortages. And the lack of nutritious food has been a major problem which has acutely affected the most vulnerable in society. What do we really need from AgroTech and FoodTech? What technologies can help to provide enough healthy food without harming the planet? How are they transforming agriculture and changing the average human diet? What kind of support is required?

Bradley George Jakeman, Co-Founder, Managing Partner, Rethink Food NYC Inc

Victoria Abramchenko, Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation
Mohamed Badr Al-Sadah, Chief Executive Officer, Hassad Food Company
Sergey Dankvert, Head, Federal Service for Veterinary and Phytosanitary Surveillance (Rosselkhoznadzor)
Jan Dunning, Chairman of the Management Board, President, Chief Executive Officer, Magnit
Marc Carena, Managing Director, McDonald's Russia
Oleg Kobyakov, Director, Liaison Office with the Russian Federation, The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations
Boris Listov, Chairman of the Management Board, Russian Agricultural Bank
Evgeny Lyashenko, Executive Director, EFKO Group of Companies
Dmitry Mazepin, General Director, URALCHEM
Tom Szaky, Chief Executive Officer, Founder, TerraCycle (online)
Alexander Shenderyuk-Zhidkov, Director, Sodruzhestvo