Business programme

Creating a Trustworthy Environment in Critical Information Infrastructure

04 Jun , 10:00–11:15
New Technology Frontiers
Pavilion H, conference hall H23 (first floor)
In partnership with Security Code

Critical information infrastructure (CII) encompasses information systems and telecommunications networks which are crucial to the smooth running of key sectors, such as healthcare, manufacturing, communications, transport, energy, finance, and municipal services. CII control also extends to online content. As the Internet of Things continues to pervade all areas of life, digital technology has become key to critical infrastructure management. Without security guarantees, the entire digital foundation is at risk of crumbling. Experts detected that in 2020, the number of cyber-attacks on strategic sites (such as nuclear enterprises, healthcare facilities, electric power infrastructure, military installations, government bodies, and banks) doubled in Russia. It has therefore become crucial to create a systematic approach to ensuring CII security, and to mobilize all those involved in the process. There is also an increasingly pressing need to develop a single, integrated platform to allow stakeholders in the public and private sectors to communicate across industries. A wide-ranging dialogue between government and business is required, which should begin by considering new challenges and threats, and assessing the current state of the CII market in the context of recent attacks.

Andrey Bezrukov, President, Technological Sovereignty Exports Association; Professor, Department of Applied International Analysis, MGIMO University

Andrey Butko, General Director, Rusatom Automated Control Systems
Andrey Golov, General Director, Security Code
Danny Danon, Independent Expert; Permanent Representative of the State of Israel, United Nations (2015–2020)
Denis Zavarzin, General Director, Centre for the Study and Network Monitoring of the Youth Environment; Member of the Civic Chamber of the Russian Federation
Evgeny Kaspersky, Chief Executive Officer, Kaspersky Lab
Igor Lyapunov, Vice President for Information Security, Rostelecom
Tigran Sargsyan, Deputy Chairman of the Board, Eurasian Development Bank
Vasiliy Shpak, Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation