Business programme

A Shot in the Arm for Capital Markets in Russia

04 Jun , 12:00–13:15
Delivering on National Development Targets
Pavilion G, conference hall G1

The rise of retail brokerages and new technologies has made investing in the markets more accessible than ever before. With just the press of a button, individuals are now able to invest in a wide array of securities without lengthy paperwork, phone calls with brokers and other hinderances. In 2020, the advent of the coronavirus pandemic significantly accelerated this retail investor boom globally and in Russia, with the Moscow Exchange near doubling its retail investor base and already reached 11 million users in March 2021. This trend represents a new frontier for retail brokerages and other market players, embracing this new wave of local investors, whose impact on the markets is set to grow going forward. How does anyone learn to become an investor? What is the role of retail brokerages and other market players in educating novice investors? What is driving the retail investment boom in Russia and abroad? What’s the future outlook for retail investment? Who is the Russian retail investor? How does a new class of local retail investors affect liquidity and other market dynamics?

Tom Blackwell, Chairman, Partner, Co-Founder, EM

Maria Gordon, Senior Independent Director, Polyus; Senior Independent Director, ALROSA; Chairman of the Board of Directors, Independent Director, Detsky Mir; Independent Director, Moscow Exchange
Yuriy Denisov, Chairman of the Management Board, Moscow Exchange
Adam Kostyál, Senior Vice President of Listing Services, Europe, Nasdaq (online)
Anton Makhnev, Chief Financial Officer, Fix Price
Marcelo Maisonnave, Founder, XP Inc (online)
Oliver Hughes, Chief Executive Officer, Tinkoff Group