Business programme

2021 is the Year of Creative Economy: How Soon Before Human Capital Replaces Petroleum?

03 Jun , 17:00–18:15
The Human Factor in Responding to Global Challenges
Congress Centre, conference hall D4

In the modern age, creative industries are one of the most important aspects of sustainable economic development and a basic precondition for the creation of human capital. Different countries have different understandings of what creative industries are and have different approaches to developing the sector. In the interest of developing the innovation economy in the context of growing global competition, many governments have developed and launched programmes to support creative industries. The session will consider, in part, the experiences of Dubai and Qatar. Russia is also developing systemic support for the creative sector. Are global forecasts predicting the new value of human creative potential, its influence on global GDP leaders, and its effects on global geopolitical processes mistaken? How and why do global leaders choose their creative industry development strategies? What is the Russian approach to developing the economy of the future? Should historical heritage be taken into account when creating a strategy for the development of the economy of the future?

Marina Abramova, Director, Roskulttsentr; Director, Russian Creativity Week

Ahmad Musa Al-Namla, Chief Executive Officer, Qatar Museums
Teresa Iarocci Mavica, General Director, V–A–C Foundation
Stefan Klein, Physicist, Professor, Berlin University of the Arts (online)
Jean-Claude Knebeler, Head of Sustainable Development Department, International and Comparative Law Research Center (ICLRC)
Michael Lebedev, Professor, Skoltech
Sergey Novikov, Chief of the Presidential Directorate for Social Projects
Gu Ho Eom, Professor, Dean, Division of International Studies, Hanyang University (online)
Nenad Popovic, Minister for Innovation and Technological Development, Government of the Republic of Serbia

Front row participant
Charles Hendry, President, Advisory Council, Russo-British Chamber of Commerce