Business programme

Interaction Between Government, Business and Public: What the Pandemic Has Changed

04 Jun , 17:00–18:15
Delivering on National Development Targets
Congress Centre, conference hall B3

One of the consequences of the pandemic for Russian business has been a significant increase in civil society overseeing the activities of major companies. After a sharp growth in calls for justice, governments have become far more reactive to the interests of the broad general public without preference. This is a direct result of the pandemic: the panic mode that swept the globe in spring 2020 was generated from the bottom up, fuelled by social networks and mass media. Sensing that the authorities had become more dynamic in responding to public demands, citizens set about dictating their agenda to governments. This agenda is strongly associated with the search for justice, equality, and protecting the vulnerable. How can a new balance be struck between the public mood and economic stability on behalf of business?

Andrey Elinson, Managing Partner, A1

Alexey Mordashov, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Severstal
Philippe Pegorier, Correspondent in Russia, MEDEF International
Boris Titov, Presidential Commissioner of the Russian Federation for the Protection of Entrepreneurs’ Rights
Andrey Sharonov, President, Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO
Tadzio Schilling, Chief Executive Officer, Association of European Businesses