Business programme

Seamless Innovation: from "Garage" to "Conveyor"

03 Jun , 15:00–16:15
New Technology Frontiers
Congress Centre, conference hall D2 (VEB Space)

Today we cannot live and work the way we lived and worked 50 years ago. The main reason is the speed of change. The world is changing very quickly. The dynamics and quality of economic growth are increasingly dependent on technological shifts based on innovation. Innovation succeeds each other as day succeeds night. The success of globally known companies that were once start-ups inspires thousands of entrepreneurs to start their own innovative companies. However only a few successfully survive growth crises and are firmly entrenched in the market. Supporting innovation at all stages of business development is an important part of the new strategy of development institutions united on the basis of VEB.RF. As part of the session, heads of specialized development institutions, together with their clients, will discuss and demonstrate, using examples of real projects, a seamless system of support and growing companies: from a “garage” startup to a leader in the digital future. Can business count on the support of the state represented by the VEB.RF group at any stage of its formation, or are the so-called "valleys of death" left? What support measures are the most demanded and relevant? What needs of innovative companies have not yet been met? What technological areas are most promising in the post-pandemic world?

Alexander Kuleshov, President, Skolkovo Insitute of Science and Technology

Sergey Evdokimov, Senior Vice President, State Development Corporation VEB.RF
Kirill Kaem, Senior Vice-President for Innovations, Skolkovo Foundation
Alexey Kashin, Chief Executive Officer, InEnergy (online)
Alexey Meandrov, Deputy General Director, MyOffice (online)
Rustam Milanov, Chief Executive Officer, Visitech
Aleksandr Pavlov, General Director, Russian Information Technology Development Foundation
Sergey Polyakov, General Director, Foundation for Assistance to Small Innovative Enterprises in Science and Technology
Vladimir Sakovich, Chief Executive Officer, Skolkovo Ventures
Alexey Semenov, General Director, Geoscan Group
Oleg Teplov, Chief Executive Officer, VEB Ventures
Alexey Tikhonov, Senior Managing Director, Rusnano
Denis Shvetsov, Chief Executive Officer, Doctor Nearby
Andrey Yudnikov, General Director, Ivideon (online)