Business programme

New Players in Education: Cooperate or Die?

05 Jun , 10:00–11:15
International Youth Economic Forum
Pavilion G, conference hall G3

New, non-systemic players are emerging in education, which is having an effect on trends in the sector. These include startups, business accelerators and incubators, training centres, etc. On the one hand, this is creating new economic flows and opening up new markets. However, major players are realizing that it is impossible to reach a genuinely high level without working with the government. How will the situation develop, and will a new education market emerge in parallel with the formal education system, or will it take over and appropriate grass-roots innovations? What strategy should new players choose?

Natalya Kravchenko, Chairwoman, Commission for the Development of Preschool, School, and Secondary Vocational Education and Educational Activities, Public Chamber of the Russian Federation

Anna Dementyeva, Programme Manager, xEdu (online)
Pavel Zenkovich, Vice President for Development, Prosveshchenie Group of Companies
Nurlan Kiyasov, Founder and Programme Director, EDCRUNCH Conference
Ivan Komarov, Director, Platform Solutions and Online Products, Delovaya Sreda (Sberbank)
Diana Koroleva, Director, National Competition for Innovations in Education (online)
Aleksandr Laryanovskiy, Managing Partner, Skyeng
Yakov Somov, Director, Lektorium

Front row participants
Sergey Mardanov, Director of University Relations, Group
Vladimir Rakhteyenko, Chief Executive Officer, Custis; Developer, Modeus Platform for Managing Individual Educational Paths