Business programme

Tourism: Travel and a Dream Career

05 Jun , 16:00–17:15
International Youth Economic Forum
Pavilion G, conference hall G3

Restrictions put in place to tackle the pandemic have heavily impacted the international tourism industry. However, at the same time a new growth opportunity has arisen for domestic alternatives. Tourism is a key part of the economy, and government programmes were therefore put in place to encourage domestic travel while borders were closed, while cashback initiatives have helped to unlock the potential of Russia’s regions. What are the key issues related to sustainable tourism? How can travellers be sure of an enjoyable and environmentally friendly experience? What is the key to building a career in tourism?

Anton Serikov, Deputy General Director, Russia – The Country of Opportunities

Anisia Evdokimova, Founder, Biletarium
Andrey Ignatiyev, President, Russian Tourism Union
Zubin Jal Karkaria, Chief Executive Officer, VFS Global (online)
Sergey Korneev, Chairman, Saint Petersburg Committee for Tourism Development
Sergey Krivonosov, Deputy Chairman, Committee of the State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation on Physical Culture, Sport, Tourism, and Youth Affairs
Olga Sanayeva, Deputy Director, Russian Quality System (Roskachestvo)
Felix Spielman, Chief Executive Officer, Emerging Travel Group

Front row participant
Andrei Umansky, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Arbat Hotel Management