Business programme

The Age of Pioneers: Global Events as a Safe and Effective Communication Channel in the New Reality

05 Jun , 12:00–13:15
Joining Forces to Advance Development
Congress Centre, conference hall B1

Events have always been one of the business community’s key communication tools. New relationships are established, agreements are signed and important decisions affecting entire industries are made on the sidelines of major events. Experts have observed that the enforced mass exodus of businesses to the online space in 2020 has increased the value of offline communications. This is why the first major forums and exhibitions are attracting interest and seeing demand from business. The top priority for organizers of these events today is safety, and the event industry has been the first to adapt to the demands of the new reality. By taking a conscious approach and involving all concerned parties, it is possible to create an event ecosystem that meets all the requirements for organizing a safe and effective event. What communication trends are being observed today? How are events, which are among the most effective communication channels for market participants, transforming in the light of this? How can hybrid and phygital formats help to ensure the safety of participants? Is it possible to create a ‘green corridor’ between the aeroplane cabin and the conference hall for event participants? What are the best practices from global events in the post-COVID period?

Larisa Belousova, Head of Conferences Department, TASS

Volker Wittberg, Prorector for Science, University of Applied Sciences (online)
Sergey Voronkov, General Director, ExpoForum International; President, Russian Union of Exhibitions & Fairs
Sagid Zaremukov, Acting Director, Russian Convention Bureau
Taliya Minullina, Head, Tatarstan Investment Development Agency
Dmitry Mikhailov, General Director, National Exhibition Operator (Expo 2020 Dubai)
Vladimir Rusanov, Minister of Tourism of Kamchatka Territory

Front row participant
Anisia Evdokimova, Deputy Chairman of the Committee for Tourism and Hospitality Industry in St. Petersburg, Delovaya Rossiya; Ambassador of National Union of Hospitality Industry and authorized representative of National Union of Hospitality Industry in Leningrad Region