Creative Business Forum

Will the Blogosphere Replace Professional Journalism?

02 Jun , 14:30–16:00
Creative Business Forum
Panel Session
Pavilion G, conference hall G1
In partnership with Gazprom-Media Holding

The realm of modern media is steadily expanding. People who previously just read the news are now becoming bloggers and sharing news, offering life advice with the kind of aplomb that was previously only done by celebrities and professional journalists. Young people dream of becoming online influencers. In this regard, traditional media outlets are losing their monopoly on how the information and conceptual field is shaped. How does a journalist differ from a blogger? What role will the blogosphere play in today’s media space? How is content creation technology affecting traditional media? How do modern technologies affect human consciousness and the perception of the world? How are audience’s preferences for content consumption changing? What is the main factor for today’s young people when choosing a source of information?

Konstantin Sidorkov, Director of Music Projects Development, Mail.Ru Group

Sophia Kvashilava, Communications Director, Gazprom-Media Holding
Olga Piven, Chief Executive Officer, RTVI
Maria Pro, Blogger
Elena Spiridonova, Anchor, NTV Broadcasting Company
Nadezhda Strelets, Blogger
Yana Churikova, TV Host, Journalist