Creative Business Forum

Can Russia be Competitive in a Creative World?

02 Jun , 16:45–18:15
Creative Business Forum
Pavilion G, Passage Hall

Creative competition is growing. Cities and countries seek to attract talented, gifted individuals. Businesses are more interested than ever before in producing innovative products and services. Politicians, managers, entrepreneurs, and scientists are searching for an answer to the question of how to develop the production of ideas. How can local creative forces become competitive in the global world? Russia has a rich cultural and historical heritage and is the birthplace of numerous significant achievements in science and technology. Nevertheless, global creative competition is a new challenge for the country. What does Russia need to do to ensure it does not lose this battle? How can the ingenuity and creativity that is traditional for Russians become a foundation for prosperity and a strong economy?

Nikolay Uskov, Editorial Director, Forbes Russia

Sultan Mohammed Al Riyami, Head of the Abu Dhabi Esports Games Department
Oleg Beriev, Co-founder and President of Yummy United, Founder of Mildberry branding agency
Alexey Gruzdev, Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation
Mark Zavadskiy, Chief Executive Officer, Riki Group
Sergey Kolushev, Founder, Russia Creates
Lidia Larsen, Publisher, BURO.GLOBAL, BURO.RUSSIA
James Hart, Director for Strategy and Business Development, TwoFour54
Tarek Oliveira Shayya, Executive Vice-Chairman and Member of the Board of Directors of Expo 2020