Healthy Life

Taking a National Healthcare to a Whole New Level: Creating Medical Ecosystems

02 Jun , 11:45–13:00
‘Healthy Life’ Programme
Panel session
Pavilion F, Healthy Life Area

Nowadays, success or failure of a medical institution is assessed depending on the quality of services it rendered. Finding a balance between usefulness to a specific patient, the use of leading treatment protocols and standards, and economic considerations is becoming top priority. That said, the volume of medical information in the world is doubled every 2.5 months. The term ‘digital healthcare’ is gradually fading out because absolutely all healthcare now works digitally. In these circumstances, it is not enough for a medical company to simply hire marketing or digital experts. What is needed is a union of separate industry players, each of which has a market niche, a wide store of skills, an organizational structure, and industry connections. Such a system must be fully integrated: on the level of communications, shared understanding of the specific character of the business, shared data, control processes, accounting and budgeting, and so on. Only in that case, such an ecosystem as Connected Health Enterprise can function as a single body.
● How will the growing ecosystem demand impact the balance of power on the market?
● Are we heading toward risks of monopolization?
● Is building ecosystems solely the privilege of the government and institutional players?
● Should we expect radical changes in the labour market?
● Is the current medical education system at risk of going out of date?
● Does international practice have answers to these questions?

Ivan Tyagoun, Head of Consulting, Head of Public Sector, KPMG in Russia and the CIS

Natalia Komarova, General Director, Rusatom Healthcare
Yury Krestinskiy, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Institute for Public Health Development; Vice President - Head of Healthcare Industry, Sberbank
Oksana Monge, General Manager Sanofi Eurasia, Chair of the Board of Directors, AIPM
Sergey Notov, President, MedInvestGroup
Airat Farrakhov, Deputy, Deputy Chairman of the Commission of the State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation for Support of the Development of Small- and Medium-sized Business
Ildar Khayrullin, General Director, International Medical Cluster Foundation

Front row participants
Sergey Bushnev, Deputy Development Director, Priorov Central Scientific Institute of Traumatology and Orthopaedics Federal State Budgetary Institution under the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation
Herman Inozemtsev, General Director, Santens Group of Companies
Ivan Ozhgikhin, Senior Managing Director, RUSNANO Management Company
Vladislav Sherstoboev, Chief Executive Officer, GK "Expert"