Healthy Life

HIV: Innovative Solutions on the Road to Victory

03 Jun , 11:15–12:30
‘Healthy Life’ Programme
Panel session
Pavilion F, Healthy Life Area

The COVID-19 pandemic made healthcare all over the world transfer significant resources to fight the novel infection. However, it also intensified the prominence of infectious epidemics as a whole: today, HIV still takes millions of human lives. The medical community all over the world is working on finding innovative solutions that aside from stopping life-threatening infections, could also bring the patients back to a meaningful and comfortable life. Scientific research for preventing the spread of HIV has been marked by a number of breakthrough discoveries. Scientists have learned a lot about the genetic structure of the immune deficit virus and there is now a high probability of learning how to stop its spread. However, despite significant progress in treating HIV, development of an effective vaccine still remains a priority for the global scientific and medical community. Today, scientists in Russia and worldwide have made an important step forward in developing the vaccine; it may be that in the future these discoveries will be able to make humans resistant to the immune deficit virus.
● Will the experience of struggle against the SARS-CoV-2 virus become a spring board for explosive growth of scientific research in the fight against infectious epidemics, in particular, the HIV infection?
● What are the most advanced and ground-breaking scientific discoveries and innovative solutions in preventive immunization and HIV infection treatment these days in Russia and worldwide?
● Will the COVID-19 pandemic change the government strategy for fighting the spread of HIV infection and other socially significant diseases?
● What government policies will help stimulate development and manufacture of innovative drugs in Russia?
● What regulatory decisions can promote timely access of HIV patients to the therapy they need and to innovative therapeutic technologies?
● How can the effectiveness of measures to reduce the number of new HIV diagnoses and AIDS mortality be improved?
● Can one say that victory over socially significant infections is only a matter of time?

Elena Voytsekhovskaya, Anchor, Doctor Channel

Denis Godlevsky, Director, Regional Public Organization "AIDS, Statistics, Health" (online)
Oleg Gridnev, Deputy Minister of Health of the Russian Federation
Alexey Mazus, Chief External Expert in HIV of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation and Moscow Healthcare Department
Ruslan Malyuta, HIV/AIDS Specialist, UNICEF Regional Office for Eastern Europe and Central Asia (online)
Vladimir Nazarov, Director, Financial Research Institute of the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation
Craig Williams, Vice-President, Head of ViiV International, ViiV Healthcare (online)
Sergey Tsivilev, Governor of Kemerovo Region- Kuzbass