Healthy Life

Present-Day Therapy Against Diabetes: Innovations for Improving the Quality of Life

04 Jun , 12:15–13:30
‘Healthy Life’ Programme
Panel session
Pavilion F, Healthy Life Area

The critical growth rate of diabetes and high risks of complications leading to disability and premature death require taking significant measures at the state level. One of the key objectives is ensuring that innovative treatment is available to the patients. Today, innovative sugar-lowering combination drugs are as revolutionary in treating type 2 diabetes as insulin was a hundred years ago. The issues of technological development, support and stimulus of research and development, clinical research and inclusion of new treatment schemas in clinical recommendations, and improvement of availability of modern drugs are quite critical and require federal support. Ensuring quick access to innovative treatment by the public is, among others, a matter of drug supply financing, expanding lists of benefits, creating patient registers, etc. In the long run, such measures will lead the practice of innovative drug supply to principles of individual approach to each diabetes patient.
● What steps need to be taken for innovative diabetes drugs to be produced in Russia in sufficient quantities?
● What needs to be done for patients to have access to modern drugs manufactured on international markets?
● What mechanisms and regulatory initiatives can stimulate the pharma industry to manufacture innovative drugs?
● What measures can promote increased availability of modern treatment?
● Will resuming the federal diabetes programme promote the goal of providing citizens with innovative treatment and in what way?

Elena Voytsekhovskaya, Anchor, Doctor Channel

Alexander Ametov, Head of Sub-department of Endocrinology of the Russian Medical Academy of Continuing Professional Education under the Ministry of Health of Russia
Elena Astapenko, Director, Department of Pharmaceutical Provision and Regulation of the Circulation of Medical Devices, Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation (online)
Dmitriy Galkin, Director of Department of Pharmaceutical and Medical Industry Development, Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation (online)
Hans Duijf, Vice-President, Russia and Belarus, Novo Nordisk
Yuriy Zhulev, President, Russian Hemophilia Society
Natalia Rudovich, Ассоциированный профессор, Медицинский Университет Цюриха; глава эндокринологического и диабетического подразделения департамента международной медицины, Больница Бюлах; член международного консультативного комитета, ФГБУ «Национальный медицинский исследовательский центр имени В.А. Алмазова» Минздрава России (online)
Oleg Ergashev, Vice-Governor of Saint Petersburg