Healthy Life

The Habit of Feeling Fit. How to Build Up Good Habits the Right Way?

05 Jun , 13:45–15:00
‘Healthy Life’ Programme
Panel session
Pavilion F, Healthy Life Area
Session sponsored by All-Russian Public Movement of Medical Volunteers

The key goal of the Promoting Public Health National Project is to increase the number of citizens who follow a healthy lifestyle. Healthy lifestyle can be defined as a certain concept according to which a person is physically active, gives up bad habits, eats nutritiously, and looks after their mental health. The foundation for all rules of leading a healthy lifestyle is healthy habits, and a number of programmes and projects are being carried out among the public that help to build up and reinforce them. To organize successful work in this area, it is important to understand what methods of creating the right habits, approaches to the public, and formats of work to make a healthy lifestyle popular are most effective. Volunteer organizations that have their own projects focused on growing the public’s motivation to lead a healthy lifestyle are actively involved in helping make the healthy lifestyle popular. For effective and concerted work of volunteers and the government, it is important to realize what the focus needs to be when volunteers work with the public. It is important to understand which approaches to building healthy habits and developing the healthy lifestyle values are most effective, and what vectors there are for growth of volunteer activities in the healthy lifestyle area.
● What key principles of healthy lifestyle can be singled out and how does healthy lifestyle impact a person’s health?
● What are the basic ways of getting into good habits and how can one use them on their own? How can one help to build up good habits?
● What programmes and projects focusing on growing good habits among the public are carried out now?
● How does carrying out healthcare volunteer projects impact the commitment of the public to a healthy lifestyle?
● How does the Healthcare Generation Marathon of healthy lifestyle values impact the growth of good habits by the public?

Pavel Savchuk, Chairman, Russian Red Cross All-Russian Civic Organization

Natalia Darbinyan, Head of Communications, Support of Healthcare National Project, Natsionalnye Prioritety ANPO
Lyubov Drozdova, Senior Researcher, Department of Primary Prevention of Chronic Non-Infectious Diseases in the Healthcare System, FGBU State Scientific and Research Center for Preventive Medicine of the Ministry of Healthcare of the Russian Federation
Olga Kobyakova, Director, Federal Research Institute for Health Organization and Informatics of Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation (online)
Oleg Salagay, Deputy Minister of Health of the Russian Federation
Zlata Chepurnaya, Member of Expert Panel for State Duma’s Physical Culture, Sports, Tourism and Youth Affairs Committee
Maria Yakunchikova, Chairman, All-Russian Public Movement of Medical Volunteers

Front row participants
Zinaida Medvedeva, Executive Director, Healthy Nutrition (Zdorovoe Pitanie) National Research Centre
Mikhail Khors, Clinical psychologist, writer, TV host
Alexei Shavenzov, Senior Director, Government Affairs and Policy, Johnson & Johnson, Russia & CIS